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Delight Cooker

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PRODUCT Description

Delight Cookers

Lid Type : Inner Lid

Base Type : Induction base, Normal base

Size : 2 liters, 3 liters, 5 liters

Material : Made with Wrought Aluminium, Steel

Experience the joy of cooking with a wide variety of pressure cookers offered by TIAGO COOKERS. The top notch quality of TIAGO COOKERS will always surprise you and you will every-time enjoy the mouth watering food cooked in TIAGO COOKERS. 

A cooker that does not have an expiry date. Welcome to the word of pressure cooking. With your new Tiago pressure cooker,you will discover how fast and easy it is to prepare a wide variety of delicious foods- specially food that impresses good health and nutrition along with good taste. 
Tiago pressure cooker having a guarantee for 5 years. Tiago wishes you a happy cooking. Our USP is very clear.... Tiago quality directly competes with big brands in market but our prices are highly competitive as compare to them.

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